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Ampoules and Masks

Ampoules and masks are often considered by customers to be unnecessary additions to their beauty care at home or, they consider these products to be a part of the professional cosmetician’s domain. This is absolutely not correct. Every woman needs these above mentioned products at home to answer the needs of a skin that changes as a result of lifestyle, emotional issues and the environment.


The ampoules are perfect to use in combination with ones creams, lotions, liposome preparations and with the masks in order to re-enforce the function of the mask or to add another dimension to the treatment. Actually one should keep a few diverse ampoules at home so that when necessary one can add them to ones daily skincare routine. Ampoules are “concentrated” care for the face and ensure a fast visible effect on the skins appearance. Depending on the active substances contained in the ampoule composition, ampoules allow for the solving of specific problems and even help to cope with, Cuperose, dermatitis and Acne. Ampoules are often used in cosmetology for intense moisturizing, a must for all women over 30. Such preparations should be used daily or at least once a week when one has the time to spoil oneself at home and do the “whole thing” masks and all. Great effects can be experienced after a peeling and also when used in conjunction with the masks and liposome preparations.


Masks – More than just pampering!
A great way to treat tired, rough, dehydrated, problem and aging skin is to apply a facial mask the objective of any mask is to treat the skin more intensively.

There are many types of masks available in the market today, peel off masks, rinse off masks, and masks that should remain on the skin under a cream or lotion. A mask should be used at least every three days to one time per week for the best results. An excellent routine to follow when using a face mask is to first cleanse the face with Cleansing Milk or Gel. Then carry out a gentle face peel, rinse off and cover your face with a warm, damp guest towel (in order to dilate the pores). Leave for 5 minutes remove the towel and pat the area dry and then apply the mask. Some masks require a more generous application and some such as a kaolin or clay mask require a fine application, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Always take the time to read the instructions or be advised by your cosmetician as to how best to apply the mask. Remember that masks should always be applied to the neck and décolleté as well. Consider the neck and décolleté as part of your face when it comes to treating. Quality masks tend to work very effectively especially when used in combination with liposomes. Good quality masks offer immediate visible results because of the high concentration of active ingredients present in the product and therefore can achieve astoundingly accurate and very specific results. The treatments carried out in the beauty salon/Spas with the ampoules and mask should also be carried out at home on a regular basis.