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The Dermis is composed of:

Three types of tissue made of Protein.

  • Collagen Elastin.
  • Reticular Fibers.
  • The upper layer contains a thin arrangement of collagen fibers.
  • The lower layer is made up of thick collagen fibers arranged parallel to the surface of the skin.

The Dermis is responsible for:

  • Mechanical protection (elasticity).
  • Body temperature (capillaries).
  • Hair follicles (sebum (oil canals).
  • Sweat glands (temperature control).
  • Nerves (contact and pain sensors).
  • Vitamins, minerals and oxygen (food) supply to the epidermis
  • Diffusion via capillaries (small blood vessels).

Specialist Dermal Cells:

  • The hair follicles are found here.
  • Sebaceous (oil glands) and apocrine (scent glands) are connected to the hair follicle (hair shaft).
  • The Dermis also contains sweat glands.
  • Blood vessels and nerves pass through the Dermis.
  • Nerves transmit sensations of pain, hot and cold etc.
  • Specialized nerve cells called Meissner’s and Vater-Pacini corpuscles also transmit feelings of touch and pressure.