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The skin of babies and children requires special care and protection! This product assures a compatible combination of nourishing and soothing active ingredient specially designed for young and delicate skin, e.g. Vitamin E, D-Panthenol, Allantoin, L /...

A mild shower gel for gentle daily cleansing. Afterwards pamper your skin with the BeauCaire Body Lotion to keep it soft and smooth. For dry and very dry, flaky skin we recommend the use of the rich Intensive Lotion by BeauCaire.

This lotion benefits your skin after every shower and every bath. A special combination of active ingredients such as Vitamins E and D-Panthenol, Urea, Lactic acid and nurturing oils protect and care for the skin. Your skin stays soft and supple and /...

A very rich lotion for use on both the face and body. Ideal when dry or very dry skin needs a more intensive product than BeauCaire Body Lotion. Besides containing Vitamins E, A, C and D-Panthenol, this wonderfully nurturing product also contains ure /...

Well cared for hands are more attractive! The use of cleaning agents and frequent hand washing strips the moisture from your hands and causes them to age prematurely. This shouldn’t happen. Regular application of active ingredients such as D-Panthe /...

Gentle but thorough cleansing of your hands is the most important prerequisite for good hygiene and personal health. The Hand Cleanser with its mild detergents is therefore ideal for meeting all requirements of optimum hand hygiene.