Cosmeticians report

Bionome product quality – the key to success

The concept is engaging, trustworthy, effective and very professional!

„In 2009, I opened my own cosmetic institute and since then have been working exclusively with Dr. Baumann products.

The motto,“When skincare becomes healthcare,” is realised with these products. With total conviction and a clear conscience, I am able to consult my clients on the extremely positive and healthy effects of these products on the skin. The customers attain visible results and are also in turn, very satisfied!

The advertising material is exceptional, the conditions very favourable, and the selection of high-level training courses is hard to beat. It is a pleasure to work with the Dr. Baumann team who are very friendly, helpful and professional.

Building my business under such conditions is indeed a personal fulfillment and I look forward to a long and successful collaboration.“

Lorraine Jones 
Cosmetic institute Lorraine Jones

We hold the Dr. BAUMANN philosophy in high esteem!

„In January 2004 I decided to exchange my entire assortment for Dr. BAUMANN products. My regular customers of many years were understandably rather sceptical. But after short time their enthusiasm became great and has remained so until today. After their paraffin odysseys the new clients are also glad to have discovered a care line that supports the skin in its natural function and therefore allows it to emerge healthy and beautiful! 

As an animal-loving and nature-connected human being I attract customers with similar views. We value the Dr. BAUMANN philosophy greatly! It is a joy, for me to recommend and sell these Bionome products daily in my studio.“

Irène Mariola 
Cosmetic institute Beauty-Point

The SkinIdent products are highly effective for improving the condition of the skin!

“I have been self-employed for six months and have been working with the products from DR. BAUMANN Cosmetic from the start. With an increasing number of customers and more and more recommendations for using the DR. BAUMANN products at home I am seeing how effective the SkinIdent products are for the condition of the skin.

I am particularly happy to see that my customers notice these changes in their skin as well and are convinced by the products. I want to say thank you for the increasing success and the good cooperation with the people at DR. BAUMANN.”

Andrea Brandt 
ANDREA. Kosmetik-Beauty-Wellness

Our customers experience and see the difference in their skin!

“Every day we see people who suffer from massive skin problems and want to have beautiful, healthy skin. This has motivated us again and again to survey the cosmetics market in order to offer our customers the best possible skin care. Then we discovered DR. BAUMANN COSMETIC and have been convinced by the bionome skincare products.

Our customers experience and see the difference in their skin and they are happy to purchase the products again. That is the best proof for the fact the bionome quality criteria make the skin supremely beautiful and healthy and keep it that way. With the extended SkinIdent product range we were able to convince even our most critical customers.”

Tina Kalbfell & Ellen Wiesner 
Cosmetic institute Wiesner Beauty & Style

The success rates with many different skin problems are fantastic!

“I have been working as a beautician for many years. I have been using DR. BAUMANN for only a few years now but the difference to everything I used before is enormous! It starts with the ordering process: friendly, competent and within one day. The always excellent dermatological advice from Dr Henrich is also very important for me and of great benefit to my customers!

The success rates with many different skin problems are fantastic! Especially with the SkinIdent range. Simply superb! My customers’ reactions range from admiration to absolute satisfaction – but most of all gratitude for so much help and so many benefits!”

Zlata Ragati 
Cosmetic institute Zlata Ragati

Well-founded further training and great motivation every time!

“One year ago I decided to work with DR. BAUMANN COSMETIC. My main reasons were the bionome quality features as well as personal experience with these cosmetics products and the prospect of further training. My expectations were far exceeded. Part of the seminars are conducted by Dr Heinrich and Dr Baumann themselves, offering first-hand information.

The training centre in a beautiful location at Lake Constance offers the option of qualified further training in a holiday atmosphere – free of charge. The fact that up to 100 % of travel and hotel costs are paid for and the excellent quality of the products and the training are more reasons to choose this route!”

Brigitte Fasshauer 
Cosmetic institute Relax and Care

In good hands with DR. BAUMANN!

“I have been working as a beautician, nail designer and podiatrist since April 2006. I was lucky to have been working with DR. BAUMANN products from the outset. They can be used in all areas because the products are so versatile. And they contain no worrying ingredients so they can be used with a clear conscience and without fear of incompatibility.

You can be on the safe side as DR. BAUMANN Cosmetic offers an extensive range of further trainings. The DR. BAUMANN team is always there to help. Further education is an important part of our work. We learn many new and interesting things to help meet our clients’ requirements. I have already been to many seminars and each seminar has helped me to improve.”

Olga Reimer 
Cosmetic institute SCHÖNHEIT & HARMONIE