Environmental and Animal Protection

Does our health at least justify the suffering and death of millions of animals? The importance of a healthy diet cannot be stressed enough. It has been assured by the medical field that a meat-free vegetarian diet is actually healthier. Many studies by renowned scientists and Universities have proven this. Meanwhile, the link between eating meat and certain forms of cancer, especially breast cancer in women, has also been scientifically proven. One can read up on this in the renowned medical journal “Cancer” (94, pg. 272).

What lies in favour of eating meat when we consider the suffering and death of so many animals and the negative impact on our health? All that remains is a brief delight for the taste buds. But is this morally of higher worth than the life of an animal?

Animal ingredients offer no benefits to cosmetic products whatsoever compared with plant-based ingredients. Hence the consequence of this knowledge can only be to stop using animal ingredients in cosmetic products. Animal experiments in the cosmetics industry are completely unacceptable, that is not even open to discussion. We see it with animal experiments in the medical field, who are always telling us that animal experimentation is necessary for the well-being of people.