The objective of both claims is to reach the same goal but in a different way.

Moisturising Products should support and balance your skins surface or sebum layer. It’s all about locking in that essential moisture  thereby preventing it from evaporating from your skin.  Sufficient moisture will also strengthen your skin’s natural surface barrier function. 
Dr Baumann/Beau Caire and SkinIdent Creams contain all the nutrients that are necessary to support repair and maintain  the skins healthy protective barrier.

Hydrating Products are all about increasing the water content in your cells.

Getting the essential hydrating ingredients to treat your skin(cells) right down to the basal layer  (where new cells are produced) needs a transporter and the most immediately effective transporters are bio-technical liposomes and nanosomes. Without those your hydrating products go nowhere. In fact every essential nutrient will go nowhere.
Dr Baumann/Beau Caire and SkinIdent cosmetic ranges all use liposomes and nanosomes to ensure that all hydrating ingredients  and moisturising ingredients amongst other essential components go exactly where they are supposed to and that means throughout the entire epidermis including the basal layer where new cells are formed.

Dehydrated skin describes  your is condition : it lacks water, and this can  reflect as  taut dry, rough, or peeling skin, and sometimes with sensitivity and redness. This is very easy to rectify with Dr Baumann Bionome Multi Layer super hydrating Liposomes and that’s only one of its functions. 

Dry skin describes your skin type: it produces very little oil (sebum). It’s possible to not produce much oil, yet have normal levels of hydration (water) in the skin
So dry skin needs oil and a moisturising product. Moisturising Ingredients: Ceramides, shea butter Jojoba oil Baobab oil, and coconut oil, are just a few ingredients found in ‘moisturising’ skin products.
Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids (fats) in the skin that help decrease dry skin and irritation and act as a defence against environmental damage Occlusives like and jojoba oil and coconut oil  and Baobab oil all help to provide a barrier on the surface of the skin, helping to seal in hydration.
Now that you know the difference head on down to Dr Baumann Das Institut book your FREE analysis with an expert and enjoy the perfect prescribed facial and products for your skin.