Holistic Hub t/a Dr Baumann Das Institute is an unrivalled, professional, signature Beauty Salon that reflects quality and perfection of the amazing Dr Baumann skincare line.

Analysis and treatments are carried out by our Skinologists. They are experts in their knowledge of the skin and its needs in terms of nourishment, age reversing, and problem solving among many other issues.

Our purpose is to be an interactive centre of health, beauty and education for all our customers, to have an informative one-on-one consultations, and to advise customers about the right ingredients in their skincare, and how these ingredients affect their skin. In turn, this allows our customers to make informed and confident choices about the skincare products for themselves and their families.

Our services

  • Facial Treatments
  • Laser Treatments
  • Micro-needling
  • Hair Removal (Laser & Waxing)
  • Nails (Mani/Pedi)
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Beauty and skincare products, and much more

Each treatment is carried out using the exclusive Dr Baumann Skincare products, which are free of chemical preservatives, free of chemical sunscreens, free of allergy creating fragrances, free from ingredients from animal origin and free of colorants.

Moreover, every ingredient in Dr Baumann products is guaranteed to contain only skin compatible or skin identical elements making every treatment an effective, luxurious, enriching experience with a clear objective, to provide you, our customer, with safe and healthy skincare that promote an absolute sense of wellbeing.