Exceptional Compatibility

A scientifically-based selection of ingredients minimises the likelihood of allergies and lays the foundation for exceptional compatibility. Certain perfumes and preservatives count as some of the most common allergens in cosmetics. This is referred to in technical literature, for example the “Blue List” (published by ECV) and in relevant dermatological textbooks.

Even when you have ostensibly used allergenic substances for a long period of time, consistent use can lead to allergic reactions months or even years later. It is not surprising then that more and more people are complaining about skin allergies. In the interests of our clients we do not want to take this risk. Therefore has Dr. Baumann SkinIdent let smell pleasant and make durable without preservatives a considerable cost of exploration operated around products without perfume without scents and without ethereal oils. Single Dr. Baumann SkinIdent spezial products contains ethereal oils which are indicated according to the legal regulations on the respective products.

Documented Effectiveness

Multilamellar liposomes display a wide range of beneficial effects on the skin. They are able to transport important active substances e.g. skin-friendly vitamins, into the skin and greatly boost the skin’s moisture content within a short period of time.

Scientific Accuracy and Honesty

We guarantee that at Dr. Baumann SkinIdent we make no false or exaggerated promises. Our goal is to achieve the most for you and your skin, within predetermined hereditary limits.

The Paradigm of the Skin

Our multilamellar liposomes are comprised of the same lipids as human skin cells. These lipids and the ceramides which we use are important components of the intercellular substance between the skin cells. With the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent liposome products you are treating your skin with exactly the same substances which occur in the skin naturally, and will therefore agree with the skin. Simply put, you are caring for your skin with “skin”! Can there be anything more natural for your skin? It is however an important prerequisite that the liposome products do not contain preservatives or perfumes. Now you probably understand why our skincare products are so effective and compatible! The criteria for organic cosmetics which, for example, are permitted to contain chemical preservatives, are not acceptable to us. Our special quality requirements fall under the term “bionome skincare”.

Safety Through Natural Ingredients

Our products contain valuable plant oils, but no mineral oils or paraffins from petroleum. Due to their low price mineral oils can significantly reduce the manufacturing costs of cosmetics. However, according to experience, in high concentrations they can leave a film on the skin and impair the regeneration of the skin’s protective barrier. After discontinuing use of mineral oils the skin can initially dry out and produce pimples, even though the skin is being treated with a Dr. Baumann SkinIdent product containing natural plant oils. In this case continue with the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent product, so that the skin’s protective barrier can regenerate and the skin can once again conserve moisture.

Scientific Expertise

Dr. Baumann SkinIdent manufactures high-quality products for particularly discerning and quality conscious people. All decisions are made by competent scientists (doctor, cosmetic chemist) who are also the founders of the companies. The focus is on caring for you and your skin, and not on changing cosmetic trends which are of dubious benefit for your skin.

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